Welcome to Dipon International

The team of Dipon International has worked in management consulting for several years in government and corporate contexts in the DC metro area and a span of international locations. 

Dipon International has achieved project management goals through organizational development, business processes, team coordination and training material development and the Dipon International team has an excellent ability to translate and apply effective training concepts to new projects. 

Experience from a multi-disciplinary approach has culminated in Training and Technology Tranfer System we call 3TS.


Training and Organizational Development

Our team has designed course materials, workshops and multi-media applications for several organizations such as the Department of Justice, US Postal Service, Avery Dennison, National Association of Environmental Management and US Navy.  Projects include: Designing training and presentation materials for components of a multi-year change management program in the Department Of Justice, coordinating work with subject matter experts in course development for Voice of the Employee and Quest programs at the US Postal Service distributed and developing materials for a coaching program in manufacturing environment in Avery Dennison.


Agriculture and Extension Management

Our consultants and advisors in agriculture include an affiliation of highly trained experts with significant experience in extension services, crop production and agricultural management in several countries with a spectrum of implementation diversity.